John Prine, Angels from Montgomery, and a Hard Caribbean Rain

I’m remembering a trip I took to Central America a few years back. We’d had a long, through-the-night flight followed by a white-knuckle, prayer of re-dedication-inspiring, van ride through Honduras to a little town on the Caribbean coast. We checked into our rooms, which were in an old wooden building sitting up on stilts (it’s hurricane country there). I was wired from travel, or maybe too tired to sleep. I took my guitar out on the porch and sat on a deck chair next to an ashtray filled with some previous guest’s cigarette butts. I sat there for a long time that night, listening to the ocean and picking John Prine songs (I was in a John Prine mood I guess – it happens). I can’t put my finger on when, but at some point it started to rain. It had to have started lightly at first because I really didn’t notice it, but the God really hit the throttle. I’ve never seen rain like that. The place had a tin roof and it just pounded like thunder. You know, as I played those songs from my childhood, and listened to the rain, I remember feeling so close to Jesus, almost overwhelmed. I worshiped in my heart. “Make me an angel that flies from Montgomery.” Not necessarily doctrinally correct but I understood the sentiment. Somehow that night stands out to me as one of the great worship experiences of my memory.
I wasn’t singing hymns. I wasn’t singing worship songs. There was no sound system, mood lighting, or beautiful cathedral - just Jesus, John Prine… and me. And Jesus called me “friend.”
So what is worship? Worship is fulfilling the purpose for which we were created. We recognize our need. We surrender to Jesus, and through His blood we’re reconciled to God, and have fellowship with Him every hour and every minute of our lives, and then it gets even better - Heaven! Through this journey we call life we have a Great Companion. We have a Friend.

Jesus, precious Savior gentle and true, may we worship You every second of every day.

Please be with John Prine.

Grace and Peace in Jesus to you all. Be abandoned to God!

Buck Storm – signing off

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