Life In the Happy Ending

Traveler’s Tip #332
The world is your backyard. And you don't have to mow it.
“I have come," said a deep voice behind them. They turned and saw the Lion himself, so bright and real and strong that everything else began at once to look pale and shadowy compared with him.”
C.S. Lewis, The Silver Chair
“Dearest Daughter. I knew you would not be long in coming to me. Joy shall be yours.”
C.S. Lewis, The Horse and His Boy
I’d planned on sharing something else this week (I’ll save it for another) but today I’m absolutely wrecked by the goodness of God and it’s all I want to talk about. I’m pinned to the ground by His relentless love. I can’t move. Over and over, just when I feel bent to the point of breaking, He takes me by surprise. I come—again—to the realization I’m living in the happy ending. And the story is just getting started. 
Hey, world – flail and falter! Spit, scratch, and scream. I am His and His alone. He is for me, where does that leave you?
Take heart, travelers! Yes, the night is dark, but it’s also far spent. The cliffs are steep, the wind is howling, and the road is rough but the Driver’s not stressed. Lean your head back, listen to the music, and enjoy the ride. You’re gonna love the destination.  
Yup, I am wrecked with joy.
And one day soon, face to face.
That’s it, travelers… Yeah, that’s pretty much it.
Fair winds,

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