So the wifi at Starbucks is out. Don't worry, it'll be up tomorrow... Tomorrow I'll be two hundred miles south of here. Oh well, Staples parking lot has internet so it all works out--and the sun's coming out in West Seattle. Had a wonderful time at Calvary Chapel Paulsbo last night, followed by a midnight ferry run from the island into downtown Seattle. We were the first car on the boat so the view spread out before us unhindered. Just awesome. I'm continually blown away by small daily miracles. Many who read this will be unbelievers or on the the fence. For me, these days, there's simply no denying the reality of God in my life. It's just a minute by minute walk, skin to skin with Jesus. I'm just blown away. First night last night of two weeks on the road with Randy Stonehill. It all came back pretty well. I felt the Holy Spirit in every note. There's also talk of an original Buck Storm Band reunion concert in Santa Barbara. All the guys! What a blast that would be. Tomorrow night in Salem (temporary home of Ransom Storm) then on again. Thank you Jesus for loving and using the unlovely.

Strength on the Journey,

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