Orange Moon

It's always a strange feeling to take a song, birthed in some dark, quiet and often very private place, and drag it out into the light of day, in front of a room full of people. Just the fact that this can happen, and to see an audience respond on a real level, is a miracle to me. I've been answering emails this morning from very nice and sometimes broken people who were moved last night by some of the words and rememberances of this journey. So encouraging. It reminds me that we're all in this together. We aren't alone, and fellowship and love for one another is such an important part of this brief experience we call life (I imagine our definition will alter drastically when we one day step into that better country!).

A huge, orange, moon followed us home--at least last night's home. It tracked it's way across the Seattle cityscape, at one point cutting the Space Needle in half. Magical and beautiful. I couldn't help but think that even that was a small gift from the Lord. "Courage son!" He says. "You will never be left or forsaken."

Thank you Lord for the gifts you give to men.

Tonight we'll do it again.



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