Somewhere... Over the Rainbow...

Traveler’s Tip #333
Stop at the Mennonite store in Clark Fork, ID. The caramel coffee cake is unbelievable. And if you see a horizon-to-horizon rainbow shining so bright it hurts, thank God. He’s so good!

Welcome to this week’s political street brawl; America stands decidedly divided into two corners—those with the technical acumen to superimpose rainbow colors over their facebook profile pics, and those without. Or at least those who feel everything they hold dear and sacred is being stripped away, shingle by shingle.
Bless the Lord, oh my soul, and all that is within me bless His Holy Name! Thank You Lord that You’re not stressed.
I’m taking a close look and, surprisingly, finding I’m not stressed either. It is well, it is well, with my soul… I’m standing with the King. Resting in my Father’s arms.
I’m a Christian, that’s the deal. Mast to keel. I love my friend Jesus. He’s shown Himself faithful at every turn and I’ll return the favor. He’s the reason I breathe in and out. Don’t agree with me? That’s fine. I’ll give you a cup of cold water. I’ll visit you when you’re sick. I’ll even help you move (and that’s saying something—I hate moving). I’ll show you Christ and His love because I love you. And because He loves you.
Let me ask, do we really expect a government that is vocally and adamantly Godless to legislate morality based on God’s principles? Of course not, why would we? His word clearly says what these days will look like right down to the gnat’s eyebrow. Here we are. Even secular historians will point out the fact that history repeats itself. So the U.S. goes the way of Rome—practically a carbon copy—because mankind is mankind. I guess we’ll see what God’s hand holds. Revival? Maybe. Repentance? Who knows? Or we’ll just slip under the waves with a great rebellious whimper.
Either way, God is God and always will be. Long after this earth is dust.
Yes, Christians, the hate directed toward you is intense right now. Does it make sense? Not really, unless God is who He says He is—the embodiment and definition of love and justice. We all feel it. But hey, this is a battle that started long ago. Long before red white and blue flew over a rainbow-colored white house. It’s nothing but a continuation of the same old story. One that started in the garden, continued at the cross, and has raged with fury everyday since.
Choose this day whom you will serve. It all brings me to my knees, to worship.
Man wants to be God. He pontificates, legislates, and shakes his fist at the sky. And the laughter of the One-who-allows-our-hearts-to-beat echoes through the heavens…
Face it—it’s an old, tired dance. The radical few (not all—but they’re good at pulling the uninformed into the cause) aren’t shy about stating the end-game. The clear-cut mission is the expulsion of Jesus Christ from the world culture.
“Change!” they tell me. “Your old ways are irrelevant now!”
Look, I can trace my Christian heritage back directly 600 years. In 1728 my family showed up on these shores to serve and love in the name of Christ. They fought in the Revolutionary War and every war since. Patriots to the core. But we’ve always known our true citizenship was not of this earth. This little rock hanging in space is just a breath—a vapor. It’ll crumble one day. And I’ll go to my fathers. And my Father.
The question is, while I’m part of this world, can I love someone even if I don’t agree with his or her choices? Well, God did that with me at every turn. He didn’t agree, or condone, but He loved. In fact, He loved this whole messed-up, rebellious, sinful humanity to the point of death. He loved us to the point of Jesus.
C’mon folks, don’t buy the lie that everyone has to support everything someone does or thinks in order to love them. That makes no rational sense—in fact it’s ridiculous—unless you’re quivering under the illogical umbrella of political correctness. If you are, please knock it off. It’s annoying. Fold that thing up and put it away. Common sense is a much better choice.
Enemy fire—so do we Christians run screaming for the caves? Of course not. Stand up! Be men! Don’t whine! God is God and if He’s real—and He is—He will have His way. What have we to fear?  Let me tell you brother, there’s a Supreme Being infinitely higher than any Supreme Court. Higher than the Heavens are above the earth.
And still He loves—beyond all imagination.
Come home sons! Come home daughters! Your Father misses you!
As for me, I’ll love my traditional wife—always. I’ll love my traditional kids—always. And I will love all those God puts in my path. Rainbow colored Facebookers and all.
And I will serve Jesus and Jesus alone with my dying breath. And the then real adventure will begin…
Fair winds,


  • Ernie Storm
    Ernie Storm Mesa, AZ
    Thanks Buck. Well said!

    Thanks Buck. Well said!

  • vince swing
    vince swing yuma az
    what a great piece.I admire the love you have shown as a believer in Christ.Thank you for sharing'

    what a great piece.I admire the love you have shown as a believer in Christ.Thank you for sharing'

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