Wiping Cairo From My eyes

This is a thank you. So many have written and sent such encouraging words. For those that have asked me to please continue this blog, well, it's time to get back on the horse. Let me say this; The devil throws a lot of dirty splitters and curve balls. You've seen them. This time he brought a ninety-nine MPH fastball high and inside. No kidding - straight to the head. I'll admit it's taken me a few weeks to pull myself up out of the dust and pick up the bat again. But I'm stepping back in the box, no small thanks to all of you. After taking a reading, I find the sun is shining, my wife is beautiful, and my kids are standing tall and strong before the throne. God is God and that's enough for me. So - I'm wiping Cairo from my eyes. The breath of morning paints the sky... And, in the words of old Townes, "I got two legs". They're back under me and I'm headed onward and always upward leaving the ghosts and ruins behind. Truth shines. Thank you Jesus. Blessings and thanks to all who've joined me on the continued journey.

Goodness and Mercy!

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