Traveler's Tip #356

Traveler's Tip #336

What if the political yammerers stopped yammering, the press stopped pressing, social media became social and the entire world took 5 minutes and actually practiced the words of Jesus? LOVE YOUR NEIGHBOR AS YOURSELF. I…

I Hope This Novel is More Than a Novel

Hello everybody, 

And a big welcome to all the new email list members! It’s way past time to touch base after being AWOL from the satellites for so long. I was at a conference this weekend and received a friendly…

Why Not Choose Joy?

Traveler’s Tip #355 
If you have no joy, there’s a leak in your Christianity somewhere. 
                                                                                                                  - Billy Sunday 


Just a quick word… 

Self Control 

This is the fruit…

Willow Stor--I mean Quezada

Traveler's Tip #354 
You can let off the gas, but the miles keep coming. Don't waste a single minute... 

Thinking about my daughter today… 
Saturday I walked my daughter (and pal) down the aisle, handed her to her intended…

Release Day! WARNING - This is not your average travel book!

Hey everybody, 

It's release day! Even if you're a dyed-in-the-wool fiction fan, I really think you'll like this book. Step off the well-worn tourist path with me, hear a few stories, and meet some of the people and places…

Finding Jesus in Israel

Hi Guys, I'm happy to say my new book is available for pre-order pretty much everywhere. It's already getting some nice press and, even better, seems to be touching lives with God's Love. I thought I'd offer a snippet. The


Flying Hats—Can We Really Have Peace in this World?

Traveler’s Tip #353 

Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal. 

                                             —Thomas Moore 


    I had breakfast with a friend the other day and he told me I reminded him of a Buddhist nun he used to…

Is There Still Hope? Intellectuals, Jesus, and Round Couches

Traveler’s Tip #351 
Stuck in the middle of the night in the San Diego airport? The round couches are your only option.Try them. And you might find yourself at an appointment that was set before the foundations of the earth...

Election Eve...

Traveler's Tip #350
In the words of the great Woody Guthrie, "Jesus Christ for President... Let us have him for our king." 

America, as with every nation, has had its ups and downs. It’s wars, rebounds, dustbowls, and real estate…

When Anger and Frustration Drag you Under...

Traveler’s Tip #349 
“When everything is falling apart, everything is falling into place.” 
                                  —Mike Evers 

Dear Travelers, 
Just a quick note of encouragement today. 
I know it feels like you’re hanging onto the end of a rope while the inmates…

On Racism… Bill’s Life Mattered

Traveler’s Tip #348
Headed for California next week. In-N-Out Burger. Enough said. 
It’s been a nice break at home for the last couple months but now Michelle and I are gearing up for a September/October tour. Watch for us, we…