Camping with Knuckleheads

Traveler’s Tip #342
If you happen to pass Calvary Chapel Cypress in the Los Angeles area, look up Maria. Let her take your picture. Yes, it’ll take her 20 minutes to figure the camera out but her unfiltered joy will make your day… 


Hello from sunny California! Michelle and I are currently getting ready to wrap up a five-week tour and get a little home time before hitting the road again. It’s been such a good trip. NM, TX, AZ, CA…so many wonderful people everywhere we go. 
One current theme I’ve been hearing out here is—What happened to the blogs? So I’m feeling both convicted and blessed. The truth is, life and travel have just been busy. But I’m going to do my best! It’s good to be missed, my friends. 
I was saddened today to read a post from a non-Christian friend about the hate-filled rhetoric she perceives as coming from the Christian ghetto. A twist of a crafty devil, if you ask me. I meet believers around the country, and let me tell you—a Spirit-filled Christian, a real follower of Jesus, is a miraculous thing. The direct target of the last acceptable form of discrimination in America and yet the first to stand for the down-trodden and serve others. Kicked, ridiculed, and told to keep his mouth shut, yet offering a cup of cold water to his enemies. Christians are being slaughtered by the tens-of-thousands around the world yet praying for their executioners with their dying breath. Personally, I’m tired and saddened by the constant vilifying. 
Yes, there is the odd “Christian” duck that doesn’t operate in the love of the One who gives breath. But their agenda has nothing to do with Jesus. More often than not it has to do with building their own kingdom—motivated by pride, and believing their own press—send the cash, baby, amen… 
Yesterday morning I stood on stage tuning up and watched people from all different walks-of-life, race, and social status organically praying for each and bearing one another’s burdens. With such sincere hearts! With pure joy! That’s the Jesus I know. That’s the Father who walks with me every day. I couldn’t live without Him. 
So, to those out there hijacking Christ’s name and arguing just to be right—stop. Nobody ever browbeat or out-debated anyone into the arms of Jesus. And to my non-Christian friends (I know you’re reading)—I love you dearly. I’m sorry for the misconceptions you’ve been fed by a few knuckleheads.  When it comes to casting stones none of us have a leg to stand on so my hands are empty. But, I believe with all my heart that our Father misses you. You were created by and for Him. He has good things for you. Adventures our tiny imaginations can’t even begin to fathom. Both in this world, and the next. I want to live them with you. There is a better way, a road less traveled. 
This life is but a breath but lets breathe it together. Men will let you down, Jesus never will. 
Fair winds all you astronauts,