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Venus Sings the Blues is delightful, unforgettable, and quirky, another brilliant work by one of today’s finest storytellers. Keep ’em coming, Buck Storm!

—Ann Tatlock, award-winning novelist and editor


Tears of joy met me on the pages of this book as I traced the path from brokenness to redemption in each character. The reminder that our past doesn't have to dictate how our story ends is eclipsed only by the lesson that love cannot be earned. People can change, and the words contained here can be part of that process. Enjoy!

—Robert Case, senior pastor, Calvary Chapel Eastside



THE LIGHT - expanded  

New edition with more than 70 discussion questions for book clubs and groups. A great read or gift for anyone looking for hope in an all too often hopeless world.

THE LIGHT (expanded) 

“For a person like me, who prefers histories and biographies, novels come few and far between unless they have Buck Storm’s name on them. He is a master story teller whose creative way with words is mesmerizing. Equally impressive is his amazing ability to provide fresh insights into biblical stories by fleshing out the central characters. Reading a Buck Storm novel is a joyous experience and a spiritual blessing.” Dr. David R. Reagan, founder and senior evangelist for Lamb & Lion Ministries

What happens when the hard line between life and death blurs?

When Joseph of Arimathea took Yeshua’s corpse off the cross and placed it in his own tomb he risked everything he’d worked years for. But now Yeshua’s body is gone, and Joseph is running for his life.

Sister has never known anything but the Lower City slums. She’s a creature of the night, so base and inconsequential she’s never even warranted a name.

Welcome to 1st century Jerusalem, where rumor and deceit rule the day. Step into The Light and walk the ancient city side-by-side with the very first believers. Feel what they felt. Risk what they risked. And find, with them, the unshakeable truth indelibly written across the heavens before time began—Yeshua changes everything.

And Everything is never what you expect.

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What if you could change your life and write your own story? What if you could make your dreams come true?

To say Bones isn't thrilled with his dead-end job at the Venus Motel would be an understatement. But when you're fifteen with no family, expecting any prospects for your future feels pretty pointless. You just have to roll with the whims of the powers that be. And the motel's owner, Calico Foster, can't keep herself afloat, much less rescue a lost kid. A job is all she can offer.

Why Jimmy La Roux chooses the Venus when he rolls out of the desert with a rattle of Harley pipes and a cloud of dissipating dust is more than anyone knows. Fresh from blasting through the cosmos. Jeans, boots, muscles like ropes, hair and muttonchops swept back from cosmic winds...and a magic box that makes dreams come true.

Welcome to the Venus Motel, where a million stars dance above the neon and things are almost never what they seem.

With a cast of characters including a blues-playing magician biker, a broken singer running away from her past, a couple of down-and-out crooks, a lovelorn cowboy, and a famous author drowning his demons in a bottle of rum, Venus Sings the Blues is vivid, quirky ride into the desert Southwest. Like all of Buck Storm's stories, it's full of humor and depth, and takes a lyrical look at God's love and his pursuit of man in a style reminiscent of an engaging blend of Jimmy Buffet and Gabriel García Márquez.