Is There Still Hope? Intellectuals, Jesus, and Round Couches

Traveler’s Tip #351 
Stuck in the middle of the night in the San Diego airport? The round couches are your only option.Try them. And you might find yourself at an appointment that was set before the foundations of the earth...

I wanted to share part of a note Michelle received from a new friend we met at the San Diego airport some months ago--a young woman completely chained by the social agendas and intellectual pride that defines our modern human existence. I’m so encouraged and amazed that the God of the Universe is still insistent on reaching out to the beautifully broken.
Hi, I hope you are well! I have been struggling with temptation a lot lately and have fallen into sin that I am repenting for. Just wanted to share that night at the airport completely changed my life. There is no denying God and Christ in my life anymore. Thank you SO much! I am blown away with the kindness you have shown me and am so excited about starting the Bible study. We are studying the book of John! It was amazing. I had such a wonderful time and love the fact that it is just women- that is exactly what I need. 
      I went to the Cavalry Church on Saturday night for a prayer meeting which I’ve never even heard of before. It was amazing! I am starting to get plugged in. I am starting to feel a lot less shameful of my past through the Bible, which is really surprising to me. Part of my fear was that I thought I would find myself being rejected once I read parts of the Bible. I didn’t realize how I was putting false idols in front of me. Well, there’s a lot I didn’t realize about the lifestyle I was living as it relates to the Bible. I like to think I am so intelligent and know what this world is about, but reading the Bible and starting to understand the history in that time and the struggles that they went through is eye opening. The Bible has both humbled me and I have found solace in the fact that if I have a question about life I can actually find it in the Bible. That itself is hugely comforting! Not only that, but I didn’t imagine I would find myself relating to the struggles of some of the people Jesus came across. I’m slowly starting to understand that Jesus died for my sins too! That I can be saved as well! That I am not unworthy of His love! Thank you for listening and guiding me- I am eternally grateful for the kindness you’ve shown me. Thank you so much for introducing to me Jesus’ love in such a gentle and non-judgmental manner- it was definitely no accident that I met you! 

Be encouraged, my friends!  No matter what this world throws our way we can know we will be forever loved. The intellectual pride, social agendas, finger-pointing, name calling—all the things the devil does to discredit the wild, holy, love of God and His people can be discouraging, but they might as well be matchsticks in a hurricane. Our Jesus cheerfully shreds them to bits to reach the broken soul. 
He will not be deterred! 

Fair winds,