Flying Hats—Can We Really Have Peace in this World?

Traveler’s Tip #353 

Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal. 

                                             —Thomas Moore 


    I had breakfast with a friend the other day and he told me I reminded him of a Buddhist nun he used to know. I honestly didn’t even know Buddhists had nuns. Not that it means much. The only real exposure I’ve ever had to nuns of any kind was 1960’s Sally Fields. I kind of wish I reminded him of Sally instead—at least she had a cool flying hat. 

    “Why do I remind you of a Buddhist nun?” I said. 

    “Because even with everything in the world crashing—politics, wars, natural disasters, everything—you seem like you’re always happy and peaceful. It's weird.” 

    So we talked about Jesus for a while. 

    I guess I’m a lousy Larry Durrell (a super clever Somerset Maugham reference for all you literary types...). I don’t feel the need to travel the world looking for truth. Jesus found me early and He’s never left, even on the darkest parts of the road.  

    We’ve come some miles, He and I. And I do feel at peace. And happy, if you’re wondering. Not that I don’t get down at times. And stress still presses once in a while. But when it does I never carry it alone. 

    I’ve been thinking about Enoch lately. Enoch walked with God: and he was no more; for God took him… One, simple sentence that says so much. The constant, perfect presence the Maker. It sounds unattainable. Something reserved for the giants of the Old Testament. But if you thumb through the pages for a minute you’ll find those people were people—messy people—like me, like you. 

    The imperfect, doubting, stubborn kind of people loved by God. 

    Nothing’s changed since then. Modern Romans still shake their fists. Now they even have smart phones to tweet their rancor. Pharisees still pound their pulpits and work the masses while the name Jesus is relegated to the third verse of a Mumford sounding worship song.   

    And still He waits… 

    And He waits some more.  

    Offering untold peace is for those who truly call on Him, even while the waves crash the door and the devil screams in the streets. 

    The truth is, we don’t have to be afraid. We don’t have to make it up on our own. 

    Earth hath no sorrow that Heaven can’t heal… 

    The story’s already written. 

    I’ll choose peace, will you? 

    Lord, let me walk like Enoch walked, that’s all I really want. 

    And maybe a flying hat… 

Peace on the journey pilgrims,