Donald Trump's Hair and Other Great Band Names

Willie MacNelson Keeps a Wary Eye on the Evil Machine

Traveler’s Tip #338
Stop along the way. Break bread, fellowship, laugh. And be sure to stop talking long enough to listen to The Least of These—you never know what the Master is trying to tell you.
Well, it’s been a couple thousand miles since last week’s ponderings. I’m home again after a whirlwind two weeks of dates as well as a memorial service for my precious grandma. I’m a little tired but, coffee in hand, I’m plunging into blog-land (a couple days late).
Just a few thoughts today…
I read the news this morning—never quite sure that’s a good idea. Hillary’s switching to Snapchat (good call). The Donald—I actually enjoy the banter and bold disregard for the politically correct nonsense that’s hog-tying America but please…Mr. Trump…my friend…the hair. I can’t look away. This is not the look of the Leader of the Free World. But maybe that’s the point? Politics and Saturday morning cartoons—is it just me or is the line getting blurry?
Hill and Don—adrift and lost on a vast sea of ego and privilege—loved by Jesus. Hey, who am I to judge? I’ll pray for them today. And for my country.
Out on the road…
I love the way God speaks and ministers through His people, don’t you? I met Val in Loma Rica, CA. She’s a lovely woman who both blessed and broke my heart. Val offered to make a couple of meals for me. What a time of fellowship. Romanian by birth, she and her husband escaped the communist block (and a lifetime of persecution for Christ) and immigrated to America in 1983. They were childhood friends, sweethearts, and constant companions. He passed away two years ago in a drowning accident. Of course Val was beyond devastated. But, let me tell you, mister, if you want proof of a gracious God, spend ten minutes with Val. Here is a woman that absolutely radiates the Holy Spirit. Love, joy, peace, patience, kindness, goodness, faithfulness… Such grace shining up from deep within the valley of the shadow of death and loss. What an amazing God we serve that we can know this kind of peace in times of pain. Our harbor in the storm... As I sat in Val's presence I felt the arms of Jesus around me and realized in that moment why I was in Loma Rica. This is the way it works much of the time. Thank you Lord for encouraging me through Your faithful saints! God bless you, Val. I hope to see you again!
Great is THY faithfulness! This is the true perspective of the believer who’s walked miles with the Savior.
An exciting thing for me—copies of THE MIRACLE MAN are beginning to crop up at concerts to be signed and talked about. I smile because many of you tell me you feel like you know the characters, and that their stories are your stories. Well, I guess they are—yours, mine, and ours. We’re in this together and I’m reminded of that as I move on from town to town. I meet so many nice people everywhere I go. Thank you all for ministering to me! God is at work in our lives and I love to hear about it.
I think I’ll skip the news tomorrow—even Donald’s hair, as tempting as it is—and write my own headline…
Make sure you read the whole article. The end is awesome.
Just me—a resident of earth, citizen of Heaven—checking in live from America…
More to come.
Fair Winds,